Marco Simonit special guest of the Italian Master’s programmes in Oenology


The Simonit&Sirch Method for grapevine pruning has received the attention of the main Master’s programmes dedicated to wine in Italy. Marco Simonit, co-founder with Pierpaolo Sirch of the Pruning Guys, has been invited to talk about his experience and his work for the Bibenda Executive Wine Master of the Italian Sommelier Association and for the Master in Italian Wine Culture of the University of Gastronomic Science of Pollenzo, in collaboration with Slow Food and the Wine Bank.


The Master in Italian Wine Culture of the University of Gastronomic Science of Pollenzo has for aim the training of wine tellers, the new ambassadors of the Italian wine. Frontal instruction, visits to vineyards and cellars, meetings with the big names of Italian and international winemaking, of culture, and of agriculture, so that wine can be understood in its historical, cultural and environmental facets. The wine teller is a new professional that UNISG had identified thanks to the help of several winemakers, and that will meet the needs for the promotion of Italian wine. The wine teller is an expert able to communicate the reciprocal influences between winemaking tradition and art, history, anthropology, and aesthetics in Italy. Course start in January 2015, in time for the winter pruning, and will end in December, at the end of the vinification, with a final internship (


The Bibenda Executive Wine Master is an ambitious project of the Italian Sommelier Association for a full expertise on wine. It will provide a wide knowledge thanks to tasting activities dedicated to great international wines, and the land that has produced them. Active since September 2014, this Master’s programme has official recognition from the Italian Ministry of Industry and has, as the only official seat, the Rome Cavalieri Hotel in Rome. Teaching is organised in 64 frontal classes of wine tasting and theory, together with 9 three-day training trips in several wineries in Italy and abroad. Following a final exam, participants will be awarded the Bibenda Executive Master degree.




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